A good dose of inspiration is always a must.

Here's my monthly inspiration for you guys. As we all know summer is already here since March or April I think, and beachin has become a daily thing now, which is really refreshing. But it does made another problem to me though. 1.) SUN BURNS ME A LOT! I mean, I'm a Southeasternian with a South East Asian skin, and I get dark super easy! And I hate it. I'm not saying that dark skin is not pretty, but seriously i'm tired of being tan and I just want to have a fair skin complexion. 2.) SUN RUINS MY LOCKS! And lately I've been thinking of chopping my hair not because I want to make a huge change on my hairstyle but because it's summer. I'm thinking of cutting it over the shoulders. But this will only happen if I don't change my mind, yeah i'm kind of bipolar sometimes (duhh). What do you think about this sample hairstyles? To chop or not to chop? Don't be shy to share your suggestions, just leave a comment below. Ciao! 

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